Radiant Heating/Cooling

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  • The August ’19 cover story for PME magazine resulted in the combined work of Dans Vastyan (writer) + Frisch (pro shooter). Learn how this golf course has put hydronics to work rather marvelously to heat, and cool, tender green surfaces.
  • Dan’s article about extensive hydronic heating and cooling of PGA golf course greens won big coverage in the NEWS.
  • Snowmelt systems and the art of the best guess.
  • Our multi-client cover story promotes effective, super-efficient technology on a demanding residential job site.  It entailed broad use of geothermal, hydronic, electronic and water treatment systems.
  • Rachel’s York Hospital article promotes Watts Radiant technology that’s put to use in a snowmelted helipad.
  • Dan’s Fall ’16 Radiant Living cover story promotes the work of one of the leading Western US hydronic installers, an extraordinary job, and the impact of Taco’s 00e ECM technology.
  • Part I of Rachel’s Tulsa Zoo article about radiantly heated “hot rocks” for an assortment of exotic animals appears in the September ’16 issue of Plumbing & Mechanical.
  • Rachel’s York Hospital feature article about the facility’s new snowmelted helipad promotes Watts Radiant technology.
  • Rachel’s Bachman Wilson House cover story, published by Indoor Comfort Marketing, follows the Frank Lloyd Wright creation from its original home in New Jersey all the way to its new home in Arkansas, where it was rebuilt to the exact measurements FLW intended for it – and reacquainted with radiant.  The magazine’s website is www.indoorcomfortmarketing.com
  • Reeves Journal writer, Allison Deerr developed the hydronic snowmelt cover story with input from Watts Radiant’s Rich McNally, and Uponor – though Watts clearly stole the show for expertise on tap, and photography.
  • October 26, 2015 ACHR News – Rich McNally, Watts expert, gets plenty of play in this all-about-radiant feature article.
  • Rachel’s cover story about a Frank Lloyd Wright house, relocated and reacquainted with radiant tells the home’s story + shares some of its’ secrets.
  • Bet you didn’t know a guy led a blind man to the top of Mt. Everest.  Well, it’s true.  And his home required a troublesome hydronic retrofit, and there’s the story.
  • Our Red Bulls soccer field turf conditioning project won the cover story position, promoting Watts Radiant and Taco technology.  We developed key parts of this article for Kelly Faloon, Plumbing & Mechanical. 
  • Common Ground worked closely with Watts to develop this lengthy Wholesaler magazine feature recognizing Watts Water Technologies’ 140th anniversary.
  • John’s Salt Lake City/City Creek Center feature looks at the mechanical systems for one of the most ambitious urban renewal projects of the decade.
  • John’s Jan/Feb ’14 Commercial Building Products “City Creek, Utah” cover story offers insight into a sweeping urban renewal project in Salt Lake City. Mechanical Systems – with key components and systems from Watts, Taco + Evapco – play a prominent role.
  • John’s “indoor/outdoor radiant” article appeared in the December ’12 issue of RSES Journal. The feature article promotes both Watts and Taco technologies.
  • Dan’s article about Vertex Mechanical‘s superb installation of green mechanical systems – promoting ClimateMaster, Taco and Bradford White technology – appeared as a cover story in the November 5’12 issue of the ACHR News.
  • Reeve’s Journal’s  August ’12 “TechTopic: Pex Tubing” promoted Watts technology and expertise. Our role was to build-in their participation.
  • Our ultimately renewable fuel story, from here in Pennsylvania’s heartland, was a big hit with Contractor magazine’s readers, Feb. ’11 issue.
  • The editors of Commercial Building Products turn to John routinely to develop “round-up” articles; this Building Power supplement cover story reviews new and emerging technology prior to the big, 2010 AHR Expo.
  • John and Dan worked with bylined author Kolyn Marshall on this nicely illustrated “thinking outside the box” radiant heat article.
  • Lufthansa tapped Taco and Watts Radiant for this $30 million classic airplane restoration project in Maine. The ACHR News gave it big coverage in their March 8 ’10 issue.
  • John developed the Ciardelli Fuel Oil profile for Phc News’ Dec. ’09 issue, promoting Bradford White, Watts Radiant, Taco and Fujitsu.
  • This September ’09 Plumbing & Mechanical feature story tells how a new, Federally-funded fire station goes green.
  • Pro Shooter John Herr and John Vastyan teamed-up on this unique PM cover story for Watts Radiant.
  • Reeves Journal Editor Jack Sweet developed this Aug. ’08 cover story article with notes and photos from our trip to Wyoming in ’07.
  • The ACHR News ran this Common Ground story about a farm house radiant heat overhaul near here.
  • The ACHR News turned to Common Ground for radiant heat photos, product and jobsite references and access to experts when developing this radiant heat retrofit story, ultimately a bit win for Watts Radiant and Taco.
  • The popular e-zine, iGreenBuild, ran our “First LEED platinum Habitat for Humanity home” story in their Aug. ’09 issue.
  • John was asked by Tile Letter magazine to develop this article about the newest form of snow melt technology.
  • It snows in London. Ohio, that is. BNP’s June ’09 “Radiant Heat Report” carried our Watts Radiant/Laars story about how one car wash there tacked the problem.
  • Geo-to-radiant’s the rage with new, hotter-water geothermal systems. For those who covet warm floors, look no further than the back yard for a source of heat.
  • In February ’09, Concrete Construction magazine published our high-mass snow
    melt technology article
  • Economy got you down? Here’s a look at several pros who refuse to participate.
  • Ahh, the romance of radiant. This Phc News story tells of true passion for the craft.
  • This ultra-green story evolved over a 5-year period. John first visited the recycled barn, geo-to-radiant jobsite in ’03. Mechanical wizard Mark Eatherton presides.
  • Phc News published our geothermal-to-radiant heat feature as a cover story for their April ’08 issue.
  • Dow Chemical commissioned John to develop this 2-part article to educate installers and engineers about the need to consider the right glycol blend for large radiant and snowmelt systems.
  • This little bible for tile installers, the Tile Letter, ran our mostly electric heat feature for Watts Radiant.
  • Contractor magazine carried John’s “On Golden Pond” feature story about this
    home’s super efficient HVAC and radiant heat systems.
  • TecHome Builder asked John for this ultra-greenbuild feature about a near-zero-energy home, and developer, in Missouri.
  • Ultimately green. John developed this article for Carrier about an innovative geothermal-to-radiant heat system for Living Lands & Waters.
  • Contractor magazine posted this big, JB Hunt snowmelt feature in their April
    ’08 issue.
  • Our ongoing theme, “Radiant for the Common Man,” gets a new placement in the April ’08 issue of Reeves Journal.
  • This PEX cover feature story, authored by John Vastyan, ran in the June ’07 issue of Plumbing Engineer.
  • Engineered Systems magazine asked John to develop this article about a super-big, super-fast radiant + snowmelt job for Air Net Express, Columbus, OH.
  • John supplied this “radiant heat does all” article to a variety of magazines for publication in ’07.
  • John prepared a “Rigors of Alaska” radiant heat/domestic water feature for Contractor magazine’s Sept. ’07 issue.
  • John developed this May ’06 PHC News cover story about a radiant-ready home for Caleffi North America.
  • This cover story for the October ’06 issue of Plumbing & Mechanical promotes the hydronic expertise of a top drawer installer, and Watts Radiant and Grundfos technology.
  • Plumbing & Mechanical Editor Steve Smith asked John for help with this May ’07 cover feature story about the PEX industry with a focus on its use by an Alaskan firm, Partusch Plumbing.
  • This October ’05 cover story in Plumbing & Mechanical demonstrates that when every minute counts, so do the mechanical system’s key ingredients.
  • This cover story for PHC News shows how easily radiant heat can be applied during condominium construction.
  • John developed this cover story for Laars and Watts Radiant about an extensive renovation project for an old Central Pennsylvania home.
  • Fuel Oil News ran this Common Ground used-oil-for-heat feature in their March ’05 issue.
  • John developed this August ’05 cover story about radiant heat installations at a condo development in Ohio for HVACR News.
  • Humor at the homesite. This Seuss-inspired poem illustrates the only downside to hot water heat.
  • John developed this radiant heat and geothermal feature for P&M editor Steve Smith as the cover story for their 2005 Radiant Heat Report Supplement.
  • Popular Mechanics responded enthusiastically to John’s idea for a staple-up radiant story. The result was a superb article for client Watts Radiant, one that reached a reading audience of 1,500,000 readers!
  • Mammoth Job”, Plumbing & Mechanical cover story for Laars & Watts Radiant – a superb snowmelt job with the first-ever Rheos boiler installation and professional photography helped to win placement top placement for the October ’03 issue.
  • A Field of (Pipe) Dreams” article in the May ’04 issue of Engineered Systems, by John Vastyan, offers details about one of the New England Patriots’ unseen advantages – and one of the world’s largest and most finely crafted turf conditioning projects.
  • Building a Field of Dreams”, ACHR News – John Vastyan wrote this feature article for client Watts Radiant. Read about a playing field with 29 miles of radiant tubing.
  • Radiant Comfort In The New Mexican Desert”, Installer cover story in Contracting Business magazine – John Vastyan trekked to Santa Fe with CB’s Mike Weil to develop this cover story.
  • Another of John’s radiant heat articles appears in the Sept./Oct. ’04
    issue of ED&C magazine.
  • A wallaby in the mechanical room? This unique cover story in PHC News, developed by John and Dave, won great reviews by readers. Watts Radiant and Laars equipment finds a new home at the Rehabitat animal rescue facility.
  • John writes for Concrete Décor magazine occasionally. This article — Radiant Heat for Decorative Applications — appeared in the Aug./Sept. ’04 issue.
  • Is There Anything Radiant Can’t Do?” Plumbing & Mechanical cover story for Watts Radiant – compelling story material and professional photography helped to win the first two jobsite spots in Steve Smith’s article.
  • This snowmelting technology cover story was developed by John and Kolyn Marshall for the Nov. ’04 issue of Plumbing Engineer.
  • This “Large Radiant Systems – a boiler’s worst nightmare” article appeared in the Jan. ’04 issue of HPAC Engineering as a lead feature for the Boiler Systems Engineering supplement. John developed the article with author/design engineer Keith Whitworth.
  • Radiant for Macro-Pods”, a lead feature developed by columnist/
    associate Dave Yates for Contractor magazine. We provided photo support.