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  • This Pennsylvanian family turns an old, Amish barn into a home! Here’s the story with plenty of details about how it all came together mechanically.
  • Dan’s story about a Montana Ranch mechanical system was edited specifically for Washington DC-based Propane E&R Council’s newsletter, going out to broad new audiences.
  • John developed this über-green, geo-to-radiant system story for the 12/09-1/10 issue of Home Power magazine.
  • Popular Mechanics responded enthusiastically to John’s idea for a staple-up radiant story. The result was a superb article for client Watts Radiant, one that reached a reading audience of 1,500,000 readers!
  • Wiring Your House for Today – and Tomorrow”, Fine Homebuilding – John Vastyan placed and wrote this article for Jerry Heesen. It was quickly recognized by the magazine’s editors as “among the best of articles written during the past 21 years.
  • Two Wall Street Journal writers connected with John on this article. He’s not quoted, but the client, Watts Radiant, is. This was a big win for the radiant heat industry.
  • John developed this high efficiency, mini-split retrofit story for Smart Homeowner’s March/ April ’07 issue
  • John wrote routinely for Smart Homeowner magazine, distributed nationally. This article, promoting new geothermal technology, appeared in the Sept./Oct. ’04 issue.
  • John developed this “Best of ’05” home technology section for Smart Homeowner magazine.
  • Affordable, Efficient Comfort for Cold Feet”, Smart Homeowner – a magazine John Vastyan now writes for routinely.
  • Two articles in Smart Homeowner magazine by Dave Yates and John Vastyan: new heating technology with a focus on boilers and indirect-fired water heaters.
  • A Sound System to Inspire Audio Adrenaline Smart Homeowner: John developed this article about sophisticated surround sound systems for GNT owner Jerry Heesen.
  • A Guide to Safe Water Within the Home.Smart Homeowner: Dave Yates and John Vastyan team up to present this guide to safe water in the home.