Employee Communications


Whether they are called associates, employees or team members, they all play a vital role in a company’s success.

Research has shown that employees truly want to know what is affecting their organization and their job … and how they should respond. Common Ground will work with you to maximize the value your most important resources deliver.

Strategic planning
Integrating employees’information needs with the company’s business objectives starts the strategic planning process. Most often, this uncovers ways to provide context for employees, helping to define their role. Questions such as “Where do we fit in? How can we help?” are common. The answers can form the foundation of employees’ perception of the company, the quality of interaction with coworkers and, in general, their level of job satisfaction. We’ll work with you to develop a strategic plan that looks at the big picture and guides all tactical elements.

Tactical implementation
Employee communication can take many forms, depending on the message and audience. Common Ground will help guide and carry out development of employee publications, intranets, e-mail news briefs, special events, group meetings or videos.