Our CG Team + Strategic Associates

Account management, writers:

Daniel Vastyan, PR Director and writer.  Dan took his first “Radiant in the Rockies” trip with John and a team from Uponor in 2000. Prior to graduating PSU in ’09 with a B.S. degree, Dan joined Common Ground to help with writing; his role has grown quickly.  What took dad 20+ years to learn was far more quickly understood by a guy who intuitively understands machinery.  Dan’s been at it here full time since Jan. 2010 and now writes about mechanical systems large and small.  He interacts daily with clients and a growing circle of journalists.





Rachel Ruhl, account manager and writer.  Rachel is focused on green and renewable technologies, social media and web development; all that while handling a wide variety of writing and photography assignments and editorial contact. Rachel’s first “Radiant in the Rockies” mission happened in 2005, a journey into the world of state-of-the-art hydronic systems throughout the Teton Mountain Range. Rachel joined us full time Jan. 2012 after graduating from Harrisburg Area Community College and Millersville University. She has a web design and photography certifications at the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design, is a published photographer and is currently pursuing a LEED certification.




Strategic associates:

Daniela Llanos Lee headshot



Daniela Llanos, PE, writer.  Daniela uniquely combines her engineer-nerd brain with her inner writing talents to provide content copywriting skills to Common Ground.  She is our newest CG associate, a professional mechanical engineer with 10+ years of experience designing HVAC and plumbing systems.  She’s happiest as a writer, and deftly wades through technical material and translates them into plain English.



Candace Roulo, writer.  Candace is a graduate of Michigan State University’s College of Communication Arts and Sciences, is a writer who covers topics in the mechanical contracting and manufacturing industries. For a decade, Candace worked for B2B media publishers in marketing, editorial and sales capacities – many of those served as Senior Editor of Contractor magazine.


Industry Experts:

Common Ground Associates routinely provide invaluable industry insights and technical knowledge. They’re important sources of information

Dan Foley, since 2001. Dan is president of Foley Mechanical, Inc., Lorton, VA. Dan writes for a variety of publications and is also a columnist for Plumbing & Hydronic Contractor News.

Dave Yates, since 2011. Dave is president of F. W. Behler, Inc., all full-service plumbing and mechanical contracting firm based in York, PA. Dave is also a columnist for Contractor magazine.

Eric Aune, since 2011. Eric is president of Aune Plumbing, is a plumbing & hydronics expert based in Zimmerman, Minnesota. Eric is also a columnist for Plumbing & Hydronic Contractor News.

John Abularrage, since 2011. John is president of Advanced Radiant Design, Stony Brook, NY. John is also a columnist for Plumbing & Hydronic Contractor News

Professional Photographers:

Alan Klehr, Chicago, IL; Michael Quan, Boston, MA; Dan Frisch, Springfield, MO; John Herr, Lancaster, PA; John Evans, Columbus, OH; Holly Noel, Huntingdon, PA; Nathan Cox, Lancaster, PA; John Sciarrino, Naples, FL; Tom Brahl, Santa Fe, NM; Mitchell Kearny, Charlotte, NC; Brownie Harris, Wilmington, NC; Javier Prado, Miami, FL; Michael Ray, Pittsburgh, PA; Steven Jones, Fort Smith, AR; Brian Adams, Anchorage, AK; David Szabo, British Columbia; Ken Graham, Anchorage, AK; Chris Hamilton, Atlanta, GA; Clark Dugger, Palm Desert, CA; Johnny Carroll, Dallas, TX; Noelle Drake, Loveland, CO; Noah Clayton, Whitefish, MT; Brownie Harris,Wilmington, NC.


Dave Yates owns F.W. Behler, Inc., an HVAC, plumbing & radiant heat firm; he is also Contractor magazine’s plumbing columnist, and frequent host of HVACtv.com’s “Contractor’s Corner” through a collaboration that began w/Common Ground (York, PA).