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Dan’s article about a geothermal retrofit wins its place in the country’s top geothermal journal.

Our multi-client cover story promotes effective, super-efficient technology on a demanding residential job site.  It entailed broad use of geothermal, hydronic, electronic and water treatment systems.

Dan’s John Wayne Museum cover story found the top spot in the Spring issue of GeoOutlook – the flagship publication for the industry’s leading association, IGHSPA.

Dan’s article about the John Wayne Museum’s geothermal system appears as a prominent, 3-page story.

Tropical Heating and Air uses a Triton Fusion system and Watts Radiant tubing on a large, custom home in Toronto.  Water-to-water geothermal is employed for heating and cooling of a concrete home.

Our “Re-greened” home story covers new geothermal integrated with existing hydronics.  Owners are delighted!

The News’ July 29 ’13 issue carried our geothermal training article for client Modine.

Dan’s article about SMC Geothermal’s huge, multifamily geo job in Colorado won a cover story spot, promoting Watts’ Triton pipe fusion technology.

ACHR News, July 29 issue – Joanna Turpin’s “Bells, Whistles for Geothermal Heat pumps” industry round-up article includes a photo of a Geofinity installation and quotes from Jesse Robbennolt, promoting Modine technology and expertise.

Dan’s article about Vertex Mechanical‘s superb installation of green mechanical systems – promoting ClimateMaster, Taco and Bradford White technology – appeared as a cover story in the November 5’12 issue of the ACHR News.

This Ohio homeowner now uses only 10% of the electricity he required before “going geothermal.”

Central PA’s leading consumer magazine for home renovations published Dan’s article about a historic home’s geothermal makeover.

Dan’s article about Seaman’s Mech in the September ’10 issue of Contractor is one of the year’s largest articles. It’s all about geo + radiant + green technology, smartly applied.

John and Dan developed this Southern PHC cover story for ClimateMaster; it appeared in the April 2010 issue.

Dan Vastyan developed this ultra-green (geo, solar + HRV) home story for the ACHR News‘ Aug. 23 ’10 issue.

Dan’s article about an old PA farm house with a geothermal retrofit wins one of the top spots in Contractor magazine’s July ’10 issue.

April ’10: The ultra-green Wenger log home remodel project is presented to southern states trade readers.

This November 09 cover story for Contractor magazine (part 1) extols the virtues of a geo-to-radiant system for ultra-green home comfort.

John developed this May ’08 cover story for Phc News about geothermal heat, versatility of application, and some of the common misconceptions about it.

John developed this über-green, geo-to-radiant system story for the 12/09-1/10 issue of Home Power magazine.

This leading HPAC Engineering article by Dan Ellis, ClimateMaster, appeared in the July ’09 issue, offering key insights into geothermal tax incentives.

National Driller magazine asked John to develop a 2-part, 2009 series about a leading NE driller. Their ideal recipe includes ClimateMaster geo and Grundfos pumps.

The July ’09 issue of HPAC Engineering ran this Common Ground “tax incentives” placement for ClimateMaster.

Geo-to-radiant’s the rage with new, hotter-water geothermal systems. For those who covet warm floors, look no further than the back yard for a source of heat.

Occasionally, journalists surprise us. This editorial by Jim Wheeler, Supply House Times, sends an unusually positive message about technology, and relationships, too.

WaterWell Journal ‘s February ’09 issue included this profile of geothermal and drilling pro Chris Ellis.

Living Lands & Waters lives n’ breathes the green lifestyle. No surprise they went über-green when selecting mechanical systems for their new HQ facility.

Phc News published our geothermal-to-radiant heat feature as a cover story for their April ’08 issue.

Contractor magazine carried John’s “On Golden Pond” feature story about this home’s super efficient HVAC and radiant heat systems.

This ultra-green story evolved over a 5-year period. John first visited the recycled barn, geo-to-radiant jobsite in ’03. Mechanical wizard Mark Eatherton presides.

TecHome Builder asked John for this ultra-greenbuild feature about a near-zero-energy home, and developer, in Missouri.

Ultimately green. John developed this article for Carrier about an innovative geothermal-to-radiant heat system for Living Lands & Waters.

Engineered Systems Editor Robert Beverly asked John top prepare this ClimateMaster LEED article for ES‘ January ’08 issue.

This U.S. EPA case study placement for ECR Technologies, developed by John, ran prominently in a wide variety of magazines.

John developed this January ’06 geothermal cover story for WaterWell Journal. The focus: leading technology w/several jobsite references.

National Driller’s June ’05 issue carried Part 1 of a 3-part “DX geo” article developed by John.

And the following month, National Driller ran part 2 of John’s direct-exchange feature.

And, lastly, National Driller ran Part 3 of the DX geo feature story in their August ’05 issue.

John developed this news feature, published here in PME, for ECR Technologies.

John developed this radiant heat and geothermal feature for P&M editor Steve Smith as the cover story for their 2005 Radiant Heat Report Supplement.