Media Relations

We know (or quickly familiarize ourselves with) the target publications or broadcast media, their audiences, scope of news and feature coverage, format and – most importantly – the tough, often hard-to-reach editorial professionals.

The result is that we consistently win positive, third party coverage. This kind of credibility can’t be bought. It’s won . . . through long-standing relationships with key media gatekeepers and an understanding that to keep these relationships fresh and productive, we must exceed their expectations.

For example:

When ClimateMaster, the world’s leading manufacturer of water-sourced and geothermal heat pumps began their full-service PR program with Common Ground in 2006, they stated clearly the need to “stake-out and achieve the dominant editorial position in our segment among all leading trade magazines.”  They gave us two years to achieve it.  By the end of our first year with ClimateMaster, we accomplished the goal and have held it for them since.

A “Radiant in the Rockies” editorial tour was created for Burnham Corporation in 1992 to attract editors of multiple trade magazines.  For several consecutive years,  journalists from all of the leading contractor trade and home construction magazines participated. Published results far exceeded the client’s expectations.

There’s always a new perspective, a new approach. But the business of trade PR isn’t always this inspiring. That’s why so many PR firms and major corporations lack success – they lose their edge. We see to the basics day after day. Through close proximity to key journalists, and routine dialog with them, we stay apprised of opportunities as they come.

Basic tenets: Editor calls are returned immediately. Promises are kept. Deadlines are met. Copy is clear, crisp. Story ideas are sharp and realistic. Relationships are built.

Respect for the journalist is deeply rooted.