Community and Government Relations

A well-conceived strategy and communications plan strengthens and protects your reputation.

We’ll want to consider these key audiences . . .

The World Community

Social media has, in essence, bridged generation gaps and every continental divide.  Common Ground has made it a priority to stay abreast of this fast-evolving exchange of information, ideas, imagery and – most important – the meteoric pace at which people can help to build, sustain, protect or precariously jeopardize a company’s reputation.

General public

Contented neighbors can turn into your worst adversaries overnight. Their protests can capture the attention of the media and regional leaders. By developing a strong relationship with the public, your company can foster understanding and tolerance of your operations, reducing the risk of future opposition. We develop ongoing programs that focus on key messages of public concern.

Opinion leaders

Special attention must be given to opinion leaders who shape and influence public perception. We help you to identify and approach these individuals, keeping them informed about your company’s operations. Among them: business leaders, community organizations, educators, advocacy groups, government and law enforcement professionals.

Local & regional media

The media are a potent influencer of public opinion. We ensure that your company’s point of view is communicated to journalists to gain favorable or balanced coverage. Common Ground will secure positive feature stories, executive interviews, employee profiles and coverage of company events.