Common Ground in Chi-Town

John and Rachel recently attended the 2012 Mechanical Systems Week/Comfortech Show in Chicago, IL (well, Schaumburg, actually) hosted by friends at Penton Media. While there, they participated in ClimateMaster’s “GeoDay” event at Serosun Farms in Hampshire.

ClimateMaster hosted 150 attendees who were divided into three groups that rotated between live, operational hands-on exhibits to learn about geothermal vertical drilling, horizontal boring and pond loop installations. They also visited a station located in a large indoor arena to learn about the latest technology from ClimateMaster.

The show provided a plethora of excellent courses and speakers – including Richard Trethewey from This Old House, who discussed the growing importance of hydronics in a smarter, BTU-dependent world. This years’ keynote speaker was Jason Ryan Dorsey – the “Gen Y Guy.” Dorsey had the entire audience – from fellow Gen Y’ers to Baby Boomers – paralyzed with side-splitting laughter as he focused on the vast chasms that divide different generations . . . and how to bridge them to bring young and old colleagues together, improving any work environment.

Traffic flowed on the tradeshow floor – dubbing the show a success with lots of attendees and a plethora of exhibitors, including Taco, Wrightsoft and ClimateMaster. Taco promoted its latest hydronic system components, including new ECM-driven pumps, the BumbleBee and it’s big brother, Viridian. Taco’s modular iWorx control platform was certainly one of the stars of the show, prompting a lot of visits, questions and requests for literature.

Wrightsoft was there to promote the just-released, new and improved Wright-Mobile Consultant – an easy-to-use, web-based HVAC business-building tool that automates a repeatable sales process designed to increase dealer sales and profitability.

The powerful software by Wrightsoft is easily accessed from a browser on most computing devices with Internet access. Capabilities include: ACCA-approved Manual J8 load calculations, homeowner proposals and presentations, equipment and accessory pricing, operating cost and ROI calculations – all available with quick n’ easy keystroking.

The next trade show event for Common Ground is the AHR Expo, otherwise known as the industry’s “Really Big Shoo” (alright: Dad says that only baby boomers will understand the oblique reference to old n’ gone talk show host, Ed Sullivan). So, Common Ground’ll take to the road in January 2013, traveling to Dallas, TX – sure to be a huge change in winter weather compared to last year’s Chicago location.

Changes, Rearranges

As summer slips into Fall 2012, we welcome cooler weather and more change. It was a busy summer, filled with action and excitement. After the OESP Show in Providence in May (Taco *owns* that location), we had various editorial events here and then John mounted up and left for another Radiant in the Rockies tour in Montana. On September 1, Dan Vastyan and Vanessa Frey were joined in marriage and soon return from a honeymoon among colorful canyons in Utah. Today our new website goes live as John leaves for another ClimateMaster GeoDay experience. Next week Rachel and John leave for Penton Media’s Mechanical Systems Week in Shaumburg, Illinois. Will we see you there?

Common Ground at OESP and Comfortech

We just turned up some fun Rachel Wenger photos from last year.  The first one is OESP (May 2011) in Hershey, Pa., and the second one is Comfortech (September 2011) in Indianapolis.

Rachel Vastyan at the TACO booth at the OESP show enjoying a humorous conversation with TACO’s John Barba and Bob Mader of Contractor magazine.


Rachel Vastyan (second from right) at the ClimateMaster booth with ClimateMaster employees (from left to right) Titian, Raj, Adam, Evie, and Caleb.